Duck Hunters Prepare for Season


Duck hunting season opens Saturday and we have some insider knowledge for all the hunters going after that prized bird.

If you’re ready to take your duck hunting skills beyond the Nintendo video game, then Clint Shipman, has the tricks of the trade to get you ready to brace the elements and land a duck. Shipman is a duck hunting expert from Byron, Georgia.

“You need to get you some decoys, good quality call, make sure you got a good pair of waders. Good warm gear because you never know what the environments going to be. Try to buy your decoys for the species of bird you’re trying to pursue,” said Shipman.

Scott Hodges, also a duck hunter from Byron says typical duck hunters use a shot gun to kill the bird, but one of the most important techniques is getting the duck into shooting range by setting up realistic decoys.

“You just want to duplicate the ducks that in their natural habitat. You know they would be in these little trees feeding on vegetation and seeds. You just want to put out decoys like there are already ducks out here, doing their thing,” said Hodges.

It’s important to remain hidden while you’re hunting the prized birds. Find branches, trees, or bushes on the bank line to remain concealed.

“Get in an area that allows you visibility of what’s going on and your decoys, but you also want the ducks not to be able to see you,” said Hodges.

Kevin Joyce of the Georgia Natural Resources says it’s important to have protective gear and to stay warm to avoid hypothermia in cold temperatures and also recommends having a plan whenever you hunt.

“Be familiar with the areas you’re going to be hunting, maybe go there during the daylight hours because a lot of the time you’re in the dark. Be familiar with those kinds of things. Take a hunter’s education course if you don’t have one and maybe go with someone else that’s been before that way if you’re new to it, they can kind of teach you and show you the ropes,” said Joyce.

Once you’ve killed the duck shipman says it’s up to you what to do with it.

“Well some people like to mount them; uh I particularly like to eat them. We just grill them, fry them, and put them in the oven; just however you like to cook them,” said Shipman.

Duck hunting season starts Saturday, December 11th. Hunters can begin hunting 30 minutes before sunrise all the way to sun set. In Georgia hunters are required to have a Georgia Hunting License, a federal duck stamp, and a Georgia Water Fowl Conservation License.