Save Money Without Sacrificing The Heat


This winter in Middle Georgia has been colder than most. Since temperatures have dropped, many people have had to crank up the heat.

Flint Sr. Energy Analyst James Jackson says, “The recommended temperature setting in the winter time is 68 and depending on how you heat every one degree could equal up to five percent of your bill.”

A way to save money without sacrificing the warmth is investing in a programmable thermostat. Homeowner, Marian Douglas says “We definitely saw a dramatic change in our electric bill after we got the programmable thermostat. We saw significant cost savings by just installing that.”

Jackson recommends bringing your thermostat down a couple degrees if you plan on being away for an extended amount of time. You should also change your filters every 30 days and check the weather stripping around your windows and doors.

He also suggests checking your heat pump regularly, performing routine maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment and unplugging anything that has a clock, a remote or a box and a cord.