Macon Contractor Accuses Mayor of Supporting an Airport Monopoly


Danny Harrison wants to take over the property lease for Macon Horizons, a company with land and an airplane hanger at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport. The only problem for Harrison is he needs the approval of Macon Mayor Robert Reichert to extend the lease to 25 years. Harrison accuses Mayor Reichert of dragging his feet in order to support a monopoly in Lowe Aviation.

“Nobody has mentioned the third player, but the third player is obviously Mr. Lowe out there with Lowe Aviation. He has an interest in that property also,” said City Councilman Cranford.

Lowe Aviation has provided Middle Georgia Regional Airport with Fixed Based Operations for nearly 65 years by selling fuel and servicing planes that come through the airport.

Danny Harrison wants to take over a property lease from the struggling aeronautical company Macon Horizons at East Drive of the airport, and extend the current lease from 8 years to 25 years.

“We’ve been trying to get an extension for 3 1/2 months and we’ve been unable to get them to negotiate with us even though city council twice has passed a resolution asking them to do so,” said Harrison.  

In an email from Harrison to the airports director Scott Coffman, Harrison says,

“It is my strong belief that our negotiations have been held up in order to protect Lowe Aviation Company’s monopoly on the field. I believe that I have been discriminated against and have been excluded from engaging in aeronautical activities at KMCN.”

Henry Lowe, president of Lowe Aviation, says his company is interested in the property and it’s up to city who acquires the land.

“It’s anybody’s opportunity to provide a service. There are already two fixed based operations in Macon, so it’s up to them,” said Henry Lowe.  

There are two fixed based operations in Macon one at the Herbert Smart Downtown Airport, but Lowe Aviation is the only Fixed Based Operation at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

Harrison says fuel prices in Macon would be more competitive if he’s allowed to start his business.

“I do know if these leases don’t get extended, it definitely will be a monopoly because there will be nobody else out there that can sell fuel,” said Harrison.  

Mayor Reichert says Harrison‘s accusations are false and he just wants a fair value on the property for the city.

“I’m sorry he feels that way I’m not trying to back Henry Lowe, I’m not trying to help Henry Lowe. I’m trying to look out for the best interest in the city,” said Reichert.

Mayor Reichert also said there is serious talk of creating a new connector road between I-16 and I-75 and that would make the property of Middle Georgia Regional Airport even more valuable.