Tow Truck Operators Busy Day


Even though the snow and ice are done falling, the day is still gearing up to be a long one for the boys at Ackerman Wreckers in Macon.

41 NBC was given a unique and first-hand look at what goes into a day like today for these tow truck operators, and what they look for on the roads while they are out driving.

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Operator Chris Faulkner says on days like today, the weather keeps them busy all day and all night.

Faulkner says that you have to watch for black ice forming on the roads when the temperatures dip below freezing. Black ice is ice that forms on the road that cannot be seen.

He says, “What you see on the road right now might not look as bad. When it turns to black ice it gets real bad.”

Because Faulkner has seen so many wrecks and pulled so many cars out of ditches, he wants everyone to slow down and take extra time to get to their destination. A decision he says, could save your life.

“Everybody thinks the stuff is melting. Then there will be more and more who go out…there will be more and more wrecks that happen throughout the day.”

The staff at Ackerman Wreckers will be working all day and night as the weather continues to make driving conditions difficult for drivers.

They also ask that if you are out driving and see flashing lights on the road, so slow down and move over to allow them to work as safely and quickly as possible.