Kennedy Drugs Serves Generations of Families


Kennedy Drugs has been serving Middle Georgians since 1940. They are a family owned and operated business, just off of Poplar Street in downtown Macon. Customers have been dropping off their prescriptions for decades and the drug store is consistently packed.

Dr. Julian Kennedy started Kennedy Drugs in 1940. Since then his son, Dr. James Kennedy has taken over the family business and the customers have remained loyal. Kennedy says, “Our customers go way back. In fact, we’re in the fourth and fifth generations now of serving the people in Macon, Georgia.”

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78-year-old Florine Brown remembers going to Kennedy Drugs with her parents as a little girl. Brown says, “That’s where I get all my drugs. My mother got all her drugs, my dadd got all his drugs before he died.”

But even the customers who don’t have any childhood memories at Kennedy Drugs say they keep coming back for the service.

In 2008, Dr. James Kennedy suffered from a stroke. While taking the next two years off to recover, his daughter Susan ran the store. During his recovery, Kennedy says he received enough cards and letters from his customers to fill two to three shoe boxes. He was truly moved.