Forsyth Family Still Trying to Get Back on Track After April Tornadoes


The storms have long passed in Monroe and Lamar Counties, but the recovery from their wake is still a process many families are dealing with every day.

Rhonda and Chris Edwards have four children, and they all live next door to ‘Mama’, Rhonda’s mother. But since last month’s tornadoes, peeled the roof off the Edward’s house, the seven are now forced to live in two hotel rooms.

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“It’s horrible, there’s nothing good about it,” Rhonda explains.

The seven are in two rooms, with only three beds. The kitchen is big enough for only one person to stand in. Fortunately, the family has a large refrigerator in one of their rooms, but two other families displaced by the storm, have to share that one refrigerator with the Edwards.

And after the devestation, the struggles kept coming.

“My husband was laid off…because he had to get every one of us positioned to another place. He looked after his family before he looked after his job,” Rhonda says.

But a good samaritan donated a new double-wide trailer to the family, and ‘Mama’, gave them land of her own for the new home.

The Edwards, still need help to get into a stable home. The land is undeveloped and needs to be surveyed. It also needs to be cleared of trees, not to mention there is no water or sewer hooked up yet. All essentials, the family cannot afford.

There are many more families across Monroe and Lamar counties who still need help. For more information about ways to help the Edwards, or any other family, go to the Red Cross website.