Senator Brown Challenges Mayor Reichert on Facts


Recent campaign advertisements by Macon Mayor Robert Reichert has State Senator Robert Brown challenging the facts.

On Thursday, Brown held a news conference at his headquarters calling the Mayor’s ads deceptive and challenging him on a debate.

In the ad, Mayor Reichert is standing in front of a building that does not exist within Macon city limits.

Brown says, “We have searched the Department of Inspection and Fees, we have not found that building to be within the city of Macon. Are they building a building without going through inspection and fees or is this some building Reichert is standing in front of out in an unincorporated part of the county or in some other county and trying to bamboozle the people of Macon into thinking that he has provided high quality, high paying jobs and brought that employer to town.”

Mayor Reichert responded to the challenge by holding a news conference later in the afternoon.

“I think of Macon as being the community of Macon and I dare say if you get the address for this place it’s going to have a Macon, Georgia address. I think Boeing and all of Industrial Highway has a Macon, Georgia address so to hang his hat on the technical distinction that it’s not inside the city limits of Macon I think is shallow.”

Both Brown and Reichert are open to debating any set of issues.

Brown will challenge Reichert in the race for Macon mayor, July 19th.