Amputees Prep for Weekend Golf Tournament in Milledgeville


“Golf is one of the hardest things I believe to ever try to master and for amputees it gets worse.” After Frank Selby lost his left leg in motorcycle wreck, the Macon resident pushed through tough times to continue an active lifestyle.

“It’s frustrating sometimes because you can’t, things don’t turn the same way that they used to so you try to monitor your, the way you’re standing with your prosthetic leg.”

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Selby is one of many amputees that will compete in the Georgia Amputee Golf Tournament this weekend in Milledgeville. Tournament chairman Bill Eason says the event provides an incredible opportunity where from across the southeast can connect. “

Golf is something that they can do and they can do it as a family, they can do it as an individual sport. We’ll have a lot of families here this weekend, father and son will be playing in the golf tournament.”

This year marks the 18th year of the golf tournament, and Milledgeville Country Club will host the competition. Don Johnson remembers special golfers from over the years. “Last year we had a lady and I’m sure she’ll be back, she had both of her legs amputated. She’s amazing to watch her play golf and a lot of these people can play golf better than an average person who goes out and plays everyday” said Johnson.

For Frank Selby, the tournament gives him a greater appreciation for life and a broader perspective. “It’s just fun. I played with a young man a few years ago, I’m only missing my left leg below the knee, and he was burned and they had to do a bunch of muscle grafts and he ended up having to have a prosthetic for one of his legs and I feel like I have a scratch.”