Atlantis Launches Into Space, Middle Georgia Tweeter Records History

History was made today in Florida, as the final space shuttle took off
from Kennedy Space Center. Weather ended up being no concern for Atlantis, and no major issues were reported during take off.
All eyes were on the sky early Friday morning, not to watch the shuttle leave, but watching for clouds and thunderstorms. NASA’s meterology team predicted a 70% chance of scrubbing the take off today, but as 11:26 a.m. came closer and closer, people’s hopes grew higher and higher.
Patty Cleveland of Jeffersonville, Georgia, has been here tweeting her experience all week long.
“I’ve had goosebumps all day,” Patty said.
Her goosbumps came from anticipation of the launch, but also because she saw, and met, some celebrities.
“I tweeting about seeing Anderson Cooper…and I got a picture with Seth Green!”
The countdown began, and shouts and cheers erupted when Atlantis lit its boosters. Patty, seeing her dream come true right in front of her, wiped tears away from her eyes.

“That was just, I can’t put that in words. That was just amazing and feeling the rumble and your whole body start shaking. Totally without words, cannot describe what just happened. That was just, wow! It happened without a hitch…Ooh, I’m still shaking!”

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