Cadaver Dogs Search for Giddings’ Remains


Dooly County volunteers brought 2 cadaver dogs to help Macon Police· search for murdered 27 year old Lauren Giddings’ remains. The dogs focused their search near Mercer Law School, The Rose Hill Cemetery, railroad tracks near the Ocmulgee River, and a wooded area just off 1-16 near Baconsfield.

According to Police·Chief Mike Burns, this was the·second round of cadaver dog searches, and it·did not present any new evidence. Burns says authorities are continuing to interview several people of interest.

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Family members of Lauren Giddings were at her apartment on Georgia Avenue early Friday morning gathering her belongings.

“He’s doing as good as can be expected. I went up there to give him another chance to ask questions. I wanted to see how he was doing and if the family needed anything,” said Chief Burns just moments after speaking with Lauren Giddings’ father Bill.