Tommy Veal, Man on a Mission


Tommy Veal is a man on a mission. Despite having a handicap of his own, he spends his life giving back to others through a moving ministry.

“Normally I was the problem, but it feels pretty good being the solution,” says Veal.

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He’s hooked on helping, and residents of Dublin are hooked on him.

“Tommy has a handicap that he doesn’t see as a handicap, but in that same right, he can understand other people’s handicaps,” says Dublin resident, Jody Martin.

In 2002, Veal lost his arm in an accident while working on his car. That’s when he started “Hooked on Jesus Ministries,” a group that builds anything and everything for people in need.

“He said well, some people pay for the supplies, and some people don’t, but I’ll make it happen, and he did,” says William E. Manly, Dublin resident.

Veal and his men work for free. They built a house for Hannah Martin, a young girl who has severe ADHD and cannot live independently.

“Tommy just went above and beyond the call of duty, and he stuck with me until the end,” says Jody Martin, Hannah’s father.

The Martin’s are not the only family Veal has touched. Hooked on Jesus Ministry built a porch for Ms. Matty Thomas.

“There he was like a God-sent angel,” says Pat Roberts, daughter of Matty Thomas.

They’ve built bathrooms, ramps, and homes for hundreds of other Dublin residents in need.

“I think we all live in a circle, and we’re all connected to each other, and part of what God calls us to do is give back. I don’t want to be the one that breaks that circle,” says Veal.