Encore Plastics Goes Green in Forsyth


If you take a look at your everyday household items you’ll notice almost all of them contain plastic, and that material can be harmful to the environment. One company in Forsyth makes it its mission to be eco-smart.

Vice President of Manufacturing Carl McMichael says, “If you’re not going green now, you’re not on the train.”

Encore Plastics takes what could be considered useless broken pieces of plastic and transforms them.

“Plastic has a reputation for being around for a very long time, and we want to make sure we do all we can to watch the environment to be as green as we can,” says McMichael.

The company specializes in making paint related packaging items

McMichael says,”We’re very much into recycling. We do a lot of our products out of recycled materials. We try to recycle all of our own material.

Encore Plastics also has an eco-line of industrial buckets, which are made out of 100% recycled material.

McMichael says their eco-line will actually biodegrade in a very short time, and it helps pass along savings.

“It’s very cost effective for us to reuse product and make sure every ounce of it much less every pound is reused to process good material any consumer can use,” says McMichael.

McMichael says Encore Plastics expands its green mission beyond company walls, “We have a strong sustainability program that we are doing through one of our major customers where all of our waste and anything we dispose of is all done through recycling.”

Encore Plastics, is an Ohio based company, which opened the plant in Forsyth earlier this year and plans to expand its workforce in the up coming months.