Jonah’s On Johnston Street In Forsyth Talks About Its Success


If you’ve ever been to Forsyth, the people there would tell you, the best pizza in town is Jonah’s on Johnston street. Jonah’s is a brick oven bistro and bakery, that has some people saying, ” It’s the best pizza you’ll ever have. ” Jonah’s on Johnston street in Forsyth, has been in buisness for three and half years.

 ” It’s family owned, my son in law, myself, my son-in-law and my daughter. So after three years were still talking
to each other and that’s a good thing,” said Bonnie Barker.

Customers here at Jonah’s say, It’s the Pizza and the family atmosphere that keeps them coming back.
“This is one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had,” said Loraine Khoury.

” I don’t really have anything to compare it too but they are unique.
It’s something you wouldn’t find at a chain type restaurant,” said Sonja Daugherty.

” I’ve been coming in here since the day they opened, ” said Susan Smith.

Owner Jonah Munson says, he puts his special touch on every Pizza.

“We got a pretty good crew, that puts out pizza’s and
not only do we put out pizza’s, we put out good pizza’s.
They come out looking good and tasting good every time,” said Jonah Munson.

“It was challenging starting. People would tell you in the restaurant business,  if you are in the restaurant business you are going work the hardest you ever work for the least amount of money you have ever made, with the longest hours and they are right.
So you have to love it.  If you don’t love it
then don’t go into it,” said Bonnie Barker.

Jonah’s opens at 8 Monday Through Friday.
They open at 11am on Saturday and
they are closed on Sunday.