Forsyth Artist Wins GA License Plate Contest


Governor Nathan Deal announced the winner of the Georgia License Plate Design Contest on Monday. There was some confusion in July regarding the “In God We Trust” sticker, but after a re-do the final votes are in for the official 2012 car tag.

“I can’t believe it happened actually, when I got the call I was just like hallelujah, I was so, so happy,” says Forsyth winner Linda Sosebee.

Two of Sosebee’s designs made it to the top three, but the winning plate is actually her favorite.

“That was my first design that I actually created, I spent a good while on it, probably 20-25 hours on that.”

She admits that it may be more detailed than what people want, but it’s how she sees Georgia.

“It’s the cultivated fields, it’s definitely the peach tree, it’s peaches because that’s what they wanted for the state and it was the colors.”

The winning design received more than 34,000 online votes. The new tag is scheduled to begin production in the fall.

“I think as an artist you really put yourself out there and I’m putting myself out there to be seen and it’s really nice when people respond in a positive way.”