Dr. Romain Dallemand Voices School Ideas To Rotary Club


Dr. Romain Dallemand wants to see a change in the way things are done throughout the Bibb County school system, and he wants all teachers and faculty to be involved.

Dr. Dallemand asked the club where they would like to see the county in the year 2050. Dallemand says he wants the Bibb County school system to be the focal point of the education world at that point. He also says he wants the nation to look at Bibb County as an example of doing things differently, and getting results.

Dallemand also says he wants to see Bibb County as the ‘premiere destination for education innovation.’

He says the only way to do this, is to make changes, and be willing to look at whatever options may be available.

One option worth looking at, is making the school week and year, longer. Dallemand says implementing a 6 day education week is a proven way to create a better system.

He says countries like China and Finland have already implemented longer school years, and they have seen high success rates with its students.

“Those are ideas we must explore if we are serious about preparing our students to compete against their peers in those other countries,” Dallemand explains.

Dr. Dallemand says he expects every student to learn three languages throughout schooling; English, Mandarin, and Technology. He says technology is something all students have to embrace, because it is here to stay.

Next on Dallemand’s list is implementing what he calls a ‘Strategic Planning Session’ with all Bibb County school faculty. The session will include all 3,500 faculty members together at once, to discuss what does and does not work for each individual school. The plan is to allow representatives from each school to gather information and present it to Dr. Dallemand, and then work together to find ways to improve the system as a whole.