Forsyth Residents Concerned Over MS 13 Gang Member Arrest


The arrest of  Florida murder suspect and MS 13 gang member, Manuel Eric Ramirez,  has Monroe County residents locking their doors tonight.

Ramirez was found hiding out at the Holiday Cove Apartment Complex, which is just a short distance from downtown Forsyth.

Members of the gang are called  the worst of the worst.

“Very, very, very, violent street gang,” says Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick.

The group is notoriously known as killers.

“They take what they want and anybody who gets in their way… they end up getting hurt. They are a bunch of killers,” says Forsyth resident John Tibbetts.

Now, residents are trying to figure out how someone affiliated with one of the most dangerous gangs in the world ended up in their backyard.

Holiday Cove Resident, Rosalee Pippin, says “[I’m] scared beyond words,  and really frightened to know someone like that had entered the Holiday Cove.”