Assisted Living Home Creates Activities for Residents in This Week’s Making Middle Georgia Great


Step inside the Summer’s Landing Assisted Living Home in Warner Robins, and you will find a woman who is anything but ordinary running the activities for the residents.

Mary Kiger is the Activities Director, and she has organized the Fall Festival/Haunted House Tour for the residents and their families. Her passion, is to have fun and become like a family with each and every resident.

For this particular festival, Kiger has set up a haunted house, full of all the necessary scaries to frighten those who walk through.

A ‘living-dead’ cemetery is the first stop, followed by the insane asylum, then it’s on to the butcher cutting up a woman’s body.

Then there’s the finger foods…(which look like real fingers).

All of this, is Kiger’s job.

“Every day I come to work, I have a joy,” Kiger explains. “I love my job and my residents. I don’t go to work, I come out and play games, and have a lot of fun with my residents.”

Kiger has been working with the elderly for nearly 30 years. She retired from one home four years back, but decided she couldn’t live without the extended family, she had yet to meet. So she came to Summer’s Landing.

Kiger’s boss, Kim Pitsenbarger, says she knew immediately she wanted someone like Kiger on her team the moment she walked in the door.

“It’s very exciting to see that in somebody,” Pitsenbarger says of Kiger. “To be so excited about their job, and compassionate with the residents. She just seems to have it all.”

“If I could walk out of this facility every day and know that I brought either joy, or laughter, or even a tear…just the joy of sharing life with these people can’t be beaten.” Kiger says.