Crime Down in Village Green, Residents Optimistic


One Macon neighborhood’s plea to stop the violence is coming true.  In the past year, the number a of homicides, burglaries, and assaults in the Village Green area have all dropped.

“It’s shaped up quite a bit, and I hope it continues,” says longtime Village Green resident Roxie Lynn.

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She says she hasn’t  been scared in awhile. “I can lay down and night and go to sleep and not have to worry so much,” says Lynn.

The nights are quieter and familiar sounds of violence have faded.

Village Green resident George Blass says, “Ain’t nothing going on around now. Ain’t nobody doing that everybody trying to stay out of trouble and live life.”

Residents say they aren’t as afraid  to walk the streets.

“Safer… kids can play and enjoy themselves so that’s a good thing. It’s not rough no more like it use to be,” says village Green resident Galen Butler.

A new police substation went up 6 months ago and bike patrols happen at least 3 times a week, and it seems to be working. Every type of violent crime is down.

Major Robert Grabowski says, “To have the crime rates down where they are at for Village Green are it’s tremendous. It’s nice.”

Grabowski says it’s about changing a bad reputation, “It was quite bad at one time.” He adds, “Now, the citizens can actually go out and sit on their porch and not have to worry about things going on and their kids being harmed.”