The Grace House Community Food Bank Serves More Than Food, Making Middle Georgia Great


FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41 NBC/WMGT) – The Grace House Community Food Bank in Fort Valley, is doing a little more than just giving out food to people in the city.

Despite only being open two days a week, there’s rarely a dull moment at The Grace House. The crew of all volunteers, is non-stop busy unloading cans of fruits and vegetables, and loading boxes and bags to send back out into the city.

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Executive Director Craig McKinney, buys the food from the Middle Georgia Food Bank, or has it donated from local churches.

“I pay 10 cents a pound for the food. So I can get quite a bit of food. Last year we handed out 110 tons of food,” McKinney boasts.

On the Tuesday and Thursday The Grace House is open each week, typically five days worth of food is handed out to each family. McKinney says they do that, so the family has enough money to buy other necessities; things like toilet paper, toothpaste, and whatever other items food stamps won’t cover.

Once the food is pulled off the shelves, it’s wheeled out to the waiting area, then carried outside and loaded right up into the car for you.

Argentina Wright came in for her first time, to help make ends meet.

“It’s helping you when you don’t have anything…you know, that someone else is there to help you, in a lot of ways.”

But The Grace House isn’t just giving out a free meal. They’re helping teach life skills as well.

“We council people on setting up a budget, we hand out government assisted cell phones. We pre-qualify people for any government assistance there is out there,” McKinney explains. “We have a lot of spiritual counselling that we do…we try to get them back on their feet and going again.”

The Grace House is located in downtown Fort Valley. To get more information, you can click here.