Middle Georgia State College Outlines Plan to Increase Graduation Rate


MACON, Georgia (41 NBC/WMGT) – Faculty and staff have outlined a plan to increase graduation rates for the soon-to-be consolidated Middle Georgia State College.

The new programs and initiatives have been set to meet the goals of Governor Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia plan. The plan aims to increase college graduation rates statewide and add 250,000 college graduates to the state’s roll by 2020. Macon State College currently has a 34% graduation rate. Macon State College Provost Marti Venn says the Complete College Georgia plan provides the foundation to change that.

“It really provides a focal point for all of us to be working towards,” Venn said.

Macon State College now provides academic advisors, freshman experience classes, online courses and additional opportunities to non-traditional students.

“We’re reaching out to the communities to provide opportunities for a variety of adults that are working,” Venn said.

The changes have been incorporated to meet Deal’s standards and the needs of all of the new students after the schools’ merger. Venn says they have the numbers now they just have to keep the students.

“A lot of our iniatitives are working with these students in class and keeping them towards attaining their goals,” Venn said.

Johnathan Jackson is a junior at Macon State College and admits when he came to the school he wasn’t prepared. Jackson is now on track to graduate. He says the small class sizes, close-knit community and academic advisors are just what he needs to succeed.

“We talk about class certainly but we also talk about goals and the best way to get there. I want to go to Georgia Tech but my academic advisor has also been talking to me about Mercer and other options.” Jackson says, “He lays all my options out for me and we work together to make the best decision.”