Don’t Forget The Pets On Your Holiday Shopping List


Pets are family, too, so it’s not surprising that many will find something just for them under the tree this Christmas.

You’ll find lots of gift ideas at the local pet store, from holiday-themed squeaky toys to little Santa suits.

But your pet might prefer a cozy new place to sleep. Or an ergonomic food bowl, one that doesn’t require them to stoop. If they’re getting on in years, maybe they could use a ramp or doggie steps to help them get in the car or jump into bed.

Treats are always appreciated. Many shops now offer organic and homemade doggie biscuits. Or, you can make your own.

PetSmart sells a Sunbeam Pet Gourmet Dog Treat Maker for whipping up soft snacks for a finicky pooch or a senior dog that has difficulty chewing crunchy treats. The $30 kit comes with dog-friendly frosting recipes and toppings.

If you’re worried your dog will wander off, consider a doggie GPS. Tagg-The Pet Tracker is a lightweight device that attaches to most collars and lets you track your dog using a computer or smart phone.

For other ideas, check out the Humane Society’s website. Their online shop offers a wide range of animal-friendly products.