A Holiday Tradition For The Wealthy And Those Who Wish They Were


These may be lean times, but you can still dream about splurging this holiday season. A Dallas-based department store offers that opportunity every year.

The 86th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book offers a wide selection of extravagant gifts.

The most expensive is a set of diamond-studded his-and-hers watches from Van Cleef & Arpels that depict scenes from a love story. The price tag of just over $1 million includes a trip to Paris and Geneva.

Too much? There’s a special-edition red McLaren 12C Spider sports car for $354,000. Or, a $250,000 dinner for 10 featuring four famous chefs.

Other offerings include a $150,000 wood-paneled trailer designed for tailgating, with a sound system and stocked bar. A water-propelled jetpack goes for just under $100,000. And for $30,000, you can buy a walk-on role in “Annie: The Musical” on Broadway.

Neiman Marcus spokeswoman Ginger Reeder says the catalog is a nod to the spirit of the holiday season and the fantasies children have about Christmas gifts.

Charities get a chunk of each sale.