Jones County Outreach Center And Thrift Stores Offers More Than Great Bargains, Making Middle Georgia Great


GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – If you’ve driven on Gray Highway in the past few months, a new sign has popped up on the outside of the building sitting at 3378. It’s nothing fancy, nothing glamorous, just a sign with a simple statement.

If you walk inside and peruse through the racks at the Jones County Outreach Center and Thrift Store, it looks like a normal thrift store. But if you stop, and you have a few minutes to talk, you will find anything but a normal place of business.

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Just ask shopper Giselle Rivera. Nearly all of her furniture in her house was purchased here.

“I found a couch, which I now own. And a table. I started out with a table, and it made my house a home,” Rivera said proudly.

As for the owner, Ronnie Hinson didn’t open a second business because he needed it. The first one he owns is doing just fine.

“I just wanted to be in the position to help more people,” Hinson said.

And it’s no secret why he’s doing what he’s doing. It’s written all over the walls, the price tags, and all over Hinson’s face. Hinson’s store, is purely based on the scriptures and teachings of the Bible.

“It’s not really about the items, the amount of money that we make, that’s acquired for this or that. It’s about being able to meet the needs of the people,” Hinson added.

He’s met needs of several people. People like Dee Wingo, whose family suffered a house fire, and the Hinson family told them to come inside and help themselves.

“And (they) told me to come up here and get anything I needed for my family,” Wingo said through her tears of joy.

And she got more than new clothes and house utensils. Hinson sat down and prayed with her, and he had just met her for the first time. 

“And that was such a blessing,” Wingo added.

It’s a thrift store just like any other. Except you’re going to get a lot more than a great bargain when you walk through these doors.

“If you try to share the Gospel with a hungry man, he really won’t listen to you until you meet that need,” Hinson explains. “Give him a Big-Mac? You have his attention!”

The Jones County Outreach Center and Thrift Store is open Fridays from 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m., and Saturdays from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. However, Hinson said if someone needs something, they can and will, open up to help them out whenever they are needed.

The store is located at 3378 Gray Highway.