Dublin Boys Make ‘Monster Shots’, Boys Being Boys Is Making Middle Georgia Great


DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – We’ve all likely seen a video of an athlete making some ridiculous shot on the basketball court, one that couldn’t be created if you have them 100 attempts at it again.

A viewer told me about something like that happening out of Dublin, Georgia. She asked me to watch this video on YouTube of some boys throwing footballs and basketballs into a basketball hoop from angles and distances that look, quite honestly, rather impossible.

After watching the clip and calling the boys to set up an interview, I asked them if they could recreate their shots for me and make them again.

They said they would try their best.

On a Saturday morning, I met Tanner Graham, Cole Mullis, Dalton Davis, Jackson Tipton, and Jarrett Tipton in the Shamrock Bowl at Dublin High School. The boys soon turned the football field into their personal playground.

Starting at the top of the bowl, the boys rolled their basketball hoop around the field to make their Monster Shots. They took a few tries before they made them, but promising you on all my journalistic integrity, the boys actually made the shots. There is no video editing involved nor is there forgery at hand with what they are doing.

“A lot of people thing it’s fake,” 8th grader Dalton Davis explained. “We get criticized sometimes, like from our teachers. They say it’s fake, but it really isn’t. All of it’s legit.”

All of it. Like the shot where Davis is sitting on the cross bar of the field goal and tossing the football about 20 yards into the hoop.

Then the boys moved around the field. One would sit in the bleachers and toss the football 30 yards onto the field into the basket. Then they would stand at the top of the bleachers, toss the ball into the basket some 50 or 60 yards away and 100 feet below, then go nuts after the successful make.

“It got good. It got good to where you wanted to show people,” Jackson Tipton said. Tipton also plays quarterback when he’s not making Monster Shots. The shot that he’s known for? The one where he stands on top of the press box on the football field, the basketball hoop is on the 50 yard line, and Tipton launches the football over the bleachers and then out to the middle of the field. It took Tipton about 20 attempts, but he made it.

I didn’t believe it when I saw it on Youtube. After seeing it with my own eyes I am now a firm believer that these five boys, (all of whom are still young to drive, by the way) either have too much time on their hands or are incredibly talented. (Or maybe a combination of the two).

Check out the boys and their videos they posted by searching for ‘Monster Shots‘ on YouTube.