Peake Weighs in on House Committee’s Key Vote on Medical Marijuana Bill


ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — A key vote Wednesday night in a Georgia house committee may have paved the way for medical marijuana to become legal in the state this year.

The Health and Human Services Committee voted unamiously to pass House Bill 885, also known as Haleigh’s Hope Act.

State Representative Allen Peak wrote the bill that legalizes an oil form of medical marijuana for people with seizure disorders.

Peake said Wednesday’s vote was a big step in moving this legislation forward.

“There were a lot of happy families who have worked really hard to push this initiative, who see this as an opportunity to keep from having to move their family to Colorado to possibly provide some relief from pain and suffering for their children. It’s a huge first step and really starts the ball rolling and continues the dialogue,” said Peake, (R) District 141.

One of the big concerns surrounding the bill was how the marijuana would be obtained.

Peake said one possible way is through cultivation.

The cultivation model would allow an academic medical center in Georgia to cultivate, process, and distribute the cannibis oil under a doctor’s supervision.

Now, the bill is heading to the Rules Committee where Peake expects it will be voted on Monday morning. If it passes through there, it could head to the house floor later that day.

The house must vote on it by Monday, which is crossover day, in order for it to have a chance to become law this year.