Local Church Hosts Archery Tournament to Raise Money for Digging a Well in Africa


DUDLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Hunting is a popular sport across Middle Georgia. A church in Laurens County is using that passion to raise money to go toward digging a well for a village in Africa.

A local church is shooting for a mission.

"This would be such a blessing to them," J.D. Purvis, a member of Baker Baptist Church said.

Purvis and members of Baker Baptist Church travel to the small village of Mvera in Africa every summer. This year they hope to bring a source of life along with them.

"In order to get water now they have to paddle, or the ones who can, they have to paddle out to the middle of the lake to get cleaner water because right next to the shore its dirtier and nastier and muddy," Purvis said.

They want to dig a well in the village. The church needs to raise $5,000, and so far, it has reached more than half of its goal. That is where Jim Rhodes, the owner of Jim’s Bow and Gun in Dudley steps in.

"Around the south like where we live, everybody loves to hunt," Rhodes said.

Hunters pay to shoot at an iron buck or they can try their luck on the moving target archery range. The money raised will go towards the well. Purvis says they are also shooting to spread the word of God.

"They would see its Christians who are helping them, and its Christ’s that’s blessing them," Purvis said. "Jesus says not even a glass of water given in my name will go unrewarded in Heaven and that’s why we do it. We’re not doing it for personal reasons or to make ourselves look good. We’re doing it in the name of Christ."

"The goal is to be Christians and help one another and help all people," Rhodes added.

By nourishing the body and spirit with every perfect shot.

The God and Bow shooting event is Saturday, March 15th at Jim’s Bow and Gun located at 1342 First Street in Dudley.

It costs $25 dollars to participate in the 3-D pop-up moving target tournament. There will be prizes for the best participants. It costs $10 per shot to shoot at the iron buck. The event starts at 8 a.m. For more information, call (478) 308-1696.