Scott Sentenced to 40 years in Murder Case

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A woman convicted of murder will be spending 40 years in a state penitentiary for killing a woman she never met.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms sentenced 22-year-old Alexandria Scott, to two life sentences for killing 38-year-old Kimberly McKenzie.

“I hope when you wake up every morning in prison you see Miss. McKenzie’s face,” said Judge Simms, as he sentenced her.

Scott will serve 30 years for her murder conviction, and 10 additional years for an armed robbery conviction according to Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney, David Cooke.

Scott and Justin Grable were convicted of killing McKenzie, sometime between Jan. 26, or 27, 2011.

“Our investigation shows that these two individuals decided to commit an armed robbery and it went wrong and they killed an innocent victim,” said Cooke.

According to Centerville Police Chief Sidney Andrews, McKenzie was reported missing by her mother, Betsy McKenzie on Jan. 26, 2011.

McKenzie was driving her Honda Accord through an intersection and when she stopped at the red light Scott and Grable car jacked her, said Cooke, during the sentencing.

McKenzie’s sister called Kimberly’s cell phone and a man answered her phone and hung-up. When the sister called the second time she could her Kimberly say, “You don’t have to do this, take the car.”

Kimberly was robbed, car jacked and shot in the leg. The bullet struck a vein and she died as a result of the shooting.

Although, she was car jacked in Centerville, police believe she was shot and killed on a dirt road in Bibb County.

Andrews said from the information he received from Kimberly’s mother, Betsy McKenzie he immediately suspected foul play.

“I told her mother, we are going to find your daughter,” said Andrews.

Chief Andrews said he and his investigators put in many hours trying to find Kimberly McKenzie.

“They followed the case throughout the weekend and Sunday morning we were eventually lead to the body by Alexandria Scott. Shortly thereafter, Justin Grable was arrested as well.”

Kimberly’s body was located on the same dirt road where she was taken by Scott and Grable.

Andrews and four of his investigators were in the Bibb County Superior Courtroom for the sentencing. They embraced McKenzie’s sister and mother.

The police chief says the sentencing was a bitter sweet moment for him. He hopes the family can now find closure. He and his investigators developed close relationships with the McKenzie family.

“That could have been my mother, my daughter,” said Andrews. “I took this case very personal, because Miss. McKenzie was a random target and it was all done for bragging rights and gang activity. It was just a senseless killing.”

Cooke said he is aware of Scott’s and Grable’s gang affiliation.

“One of the witnesses said (Scott) wanted to get a tear drop to indicate that she had killed someone that would both further her interest and the gang’s interest.”