Gordon Mayor trying to fire City Attorney

Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple-Lue is trying to fire City Attorney Joseph Boone.

41NBC received a copy of the letter.

Mayor Whipple-Lue writes Boone, "You are not the city attorney and the city does not want your services."

The letter goes on to mention a 22,500 dollar payment that was given to Boone to end his services.

Last week, a Jasper County judge ruled Boone would remain The City of Gordon’s attorney.

This came after Mayor Whipple-Lue made a motion, and voted to remove Boone from office in may.
According to the judge, the mayor is only allowed to vote if there is a 3 to 3 tie.

On July 29th, Wilkinson Superior Court Judge Robert Reeves ruled Mayor Whipple-Lue can return to her mayoral duties, after being temporarily removed from office for 60 days.
But, there were some conditions.

One of them including, she cannot terminate an employee without due process.

The group called the "Concerned Citizens of Gordon", believes this is a direct violation of the judge’s ruling.

A spokeswoman tells us, they hope to get this issue back in front of Judge Reeves as soon as possible.