Monroe County Sheriff’s Office replaces speed detection lasers

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Speed detecting lasers can be a headache for those behind the wheel, but it can also be a headache for those behind the gun as well.

"Some of the devices are starting to get a little age on them," recalls Lt. Brad Freeman with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Freeman tells 41NBC the age affects how quickly the gun is able to clock a speeding car.

"Like your computer when you go to access the internet, the older devices seem to take a little more time to access the internet," explains Lt. Freeman.

Just as you would replace an old laptop for a newer model, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is doing the same with its speed detecting guns from 2001.  Monroe County Commissioners approved two new $2,500 lasers for the sheriff’s office.  The money will come from the county’s contingency account.  Even though the old lasers are reading accurate speeds, they’re not reading them fast enough.

"When you press the trigger, it takes a little longer to access the person’s speed," continues Lt. Freeman.  "Obviously when they see you running 90 and they’ve got a second or two to slow down, their speed is going to be so slow by the time you check them, they’re below 80 miles per hour."

The device is checked everyday and even has a self-check feature to make sure it works properly.

"If the device does not pass the internal test, the device will lock up on you and you will have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs," said Lt. Freeman.

None of the deputies’ lasers have done that.  They’re simply getting upgraded.  Deputies expect to get the new laser in a couple of weeks.