What’s Right With Our Schools: The Twilight School

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Some students at Bibb County’s Westside High School are faced with life circumstances hindering them from graduating on time. 

It’s having to take on extra responsibilities as the provider of a family, not being able to go to school and work at the same time, or simply not being able to learn as well during normal class hours that’s giving 85 students another route to graduation.

The Twilight School at Westside is helping students graduate.

"It has provided a personalized learning environment for our students. It’s a program in which students navigate their own learning," says Daniely. 

A much needed environment for some of the students who attend Westside. 

"These are children that probably were written off by people, and even themselves…they didn’t have hope in themselves because they were behind. They’re over-aged. Some of them got in trouble," says Daniely.

Senior Brianna Coates needed a learning environment where she could focus. Smaller class sizes were available to her through Twilight. 

"I was on the verge of dropping out of high school and Twilight came to me in order to help me gain those credits and the help me fill those credits," says Coates. 

Senior Cyntoria Smith needed time away from school after having another child. She believes having a free after-school program limited the amount of stress she had weighing her down.

"So far, I’ve earned 18 credits in less than eight months, so I’m doing pretty good," Smith adds, "I just had my second child and I’m still on track, because of Twilight." 

After-school teachers split the Twilight students up into rooms depending on which subject they’re studying at the time.

What’s Right With Our Schools? 

  • Westide High School keeps graduation the number one goal 
  • Teachers create smaller classes and incorporate technology into the students’ lives
  • Everyone is able to have a personal lesson plan 
  • Academic accountability is formed

This program is paid for using the school’s Student Improvement Grant, or S.I.G.

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