Storms Until Midnight

More chances for showers and thunderstorms again today until around midnight.  The storms will be strong at times.  There has been, and will be possible to have a brief Severe Thunderstorm Warning or two.  The biggest threats with the storms will be from VERY heavy rainfall, lightning, and some wind gusts to around 35-45 mph and occasionally to 60 mph.  There is some threat for small hail as well.  All of the storms are moving Southeast today/tonight.  There will be a decrease in intensity and coverage as we get closer to the Midnight time frame tonight.  There will be some patchy fog overnight as well at the places where we got rain today.  Overnight lows will be back into the mid 60’s again.  More humidity and heat for Thursday, but storm chances will be a bit lower.  Storm chances will be lower for both Thursday and Friday.  Highs will be in the mid to upper 80’s.  Highs over the weekend will be back into he upper 80’s to near 90 degrees.  Storm chances will increase just a bit for the weekend, but just like normal June time weather, not everyone will see storms in the afternoon.