Changes are Around the Corner

More showers and thunderstorms are possible again today until around Midnight, and we should all be hoping for them because that will be the only relief we see if you are outdoors from the heat.  Highs again are pushing into the upper 90’s, but it feels like we are in the low 100’s.  Storms will have very heavy rainfall, lightning, some gusty winds and some small hail potentially.  Temperatures overnight will be back int he mid 70’s as we have to deal with more warm and humid conditions.  There will be more chances for showers and storms again tomorrow, but more than likely we will not see many.  More very hot and very humid conditions will be with us for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Highs will be in the upper 90’s to near 100 degrees, but it will feel like up to 106 degrees with the humidity factored in.  Ok, so here is the good news to the forecast.  We will have some big changes coming up by the end of the work week and into the weekend.  Highs are going to drop back down into the mid to upper 80’s for the weekend and into early next week.  There will be a big trof of low pressure over the eastern united states and that is going to give us some relief with the heat and also bump up storm chances.  Stay tuned.!  -Chris