More than 200 River of Life Mission Project volunteers refurbished Macon homes

MACON, Georgia (41/WMGT) – More than 200 volunteers from six churches in Georgia and Florida are taking part in the 13th Annual River of Life Mission Project. Nearly 45 Macon homes were refurbished in this year’s project.

"I’m blessed, I’m blessed, God is blessing me," says Bobby King. King owns a home on Alta Vista Avenue that he admits was in need of a makeover. Nearly 30 volunteers of the River of Life Mission Project came to his rescue. They painted, scraped, drilled and did other small renovations to refurbish his home. "I’m in awe," added King. "When they told me how the kids, where they are from, and that they paid to come up here."

There are nearly 200 volunteers from six churches. Camden Areide, 14, is a member of Savannah Trinity United Methodist Church. "I’m here to do the Lord’s work," explained Areide. "I’m here to overall just strengthen my faith and glorify God."

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The River of Life Mission project partnered with Rebuilding Macon, which selected the homes in need of repair.

Doss Edwards served as a crew leader for the project. "They come in on a Wednesday, they stay from Wednesday and then they go back home Sunday and so during that time they’re out working on different peoples homes doing different projects," he explained. "I really like working with our youth in our church and other youth from around the state."

Cesar Garcia, 16,  is from Jacksonville, Florida and attends River of Life United Methodist Church. "I felt like the Lord brought me out here," says Garcia. "The option was at my church and I was like, it came to me to go, and helping people in need is always something that I enjoy doing." He says only one thing was on his mind while painting. "Do the job as best I can, because these are for people in need, and they’re going to cherish it, because people are helping them in serving the Lord," he continued. "So, you gotta do your best."

King believes being chosen for the project was a divine intervention. "This is the grace of God," he says. "Grace is better than money. Grace can get stuff done that money can’t. So, this is proof that grace is better than money."

The volunteers painted 25 houses, completed 17 home repairs, built a wheel chair ramp, and repaired a homeowner’s roof. The River of Life Mission Project volunteers focused on Macon homes in Bloomfield, Montpelier, Tindall Heights, Unionville and East Macon communities. The volunteers were in Macon from July 8-12 and stayed at Forest Hills United Methodist Church until their project was completed.