Hot and humid today, but humidity plummets tomorrow

Middle Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One more day until temporary relief from the high humidity. A cold front enters the area today. However, it’s not a cold front with much fanfare to it: you won’t see a huge increase in cloud cover, and only a few showers/storms will form today, mostly brief. So this isn’t something around which to plan your day.

Overnight is when the changes begin. Tomorrow morning, for example, we’ll see more upper 60s for lows (most of us have woken up to 70s). Tomorrow afternoon, dew points plummet to the 50s, meaning much, much drier air. And the chance of rain disappears Tuesday, setting us up for a dry week.

When will the rain chances return? It looks like around Saturday as some more moisture is expected to move into the Peach State. Until then, high and dry, and look at these morning lows:

Tuesday morning: 68
Wednesday morning: 60
Thursday morning: 59
Friday morning: 64

I’m sure there will be slight changes, but this is a huge improvement after what has been a hotter-than-average summer for Georgia.