9 people arrested, 71 cited after search at Macon “dive house”

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Macon woman who lives at a Poppy Avenue home that was raided Sunday night had her bond set Monday. Investigators charged her with maintaining a disorderly home after the found 73 people, guns and drugs inside of it. 

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is accusing 43 year-old Angelia Mintz of running a dive. A Bibb County Magistrate Court set her bond at $650. Investigators served a search warrant at the home after getting complaints from neighbors and monitoring the house for several weeks.

"There’s sometimes drinking. There’s sometimes drug use at these establishments," said Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

9 people were arrested and 71 were cited at what Sheriff Davis calls a "dive" on Poppy Avenue in Macon. 

"A place that’s acting like a business that doesn’t really have a business license and they certainly don’t have an alcohol license," explained Sheriff Davis. 

Investigators received multiple complaints about illegal activity in the neighborhood. Sheriff Davis said deputies watched the home for several weeks while developing a case before serving the search warrant. They found 73 people at the home as well as 8 guns, cocaine and marijuana. 

"They pretty much abandoned them in place so that’s why the officers couldn’t really prove that Mintz may or may not have known that was going on in the house," said Sheriff Davis explaining why none of the charges filed were drug related.

31 year-old Constance Fordham, 25 year-old Alexander Ray, 27 year-old Anthony Murphy, 24 year-old Nicholas Griggs, 28 year-old Sheldon Beard Jr., 29 year-old Craven Bradley II, 28 year-old Larry Harris II and 22 year-old Darius Young were also arrested on other charges. 71 people were cited for being present at a dive. Sheriff Davis said those 71 people will have to appear in court with this citation.

He suspects this house had been operating for a while. He asks anyone who believes similar activities are happening in their neighborhood to call the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at 478-751-7500.

Nine people were arrested and 71 were cited after the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at a West Macon home.

The multi-unit investigation found 73 people, cocaine, marijuana and 8 guns inside the Poppy Avenue home. One of the guns was reported stolen. Bibb investigators served the search warrant because there have been recent reports of illegal activity at the home.

Bibb deputies said there were 71 citations issued for being present at a dive. The woman who lives at the home, 43 year-old Angelia Mintz is charged with maintaining a disorderly house and violation of probation (Bibb County). Investigators also arrested eight other people on the following charges:

  • 31 year-old Constance Fordham: Violation of probation (Bibb County)
  • 25 year-old Alexander Ray: Violation of probation (Bibb and Houston Counties)
  • 27 year-old Anthony Murphy: Violation of probation (Bibb County)
  • 24 year-old Nicholas Griggs: Violation of probation (Bibb County)
  • 28 year-old Sheldon Beard Jr.: Warrant for battery (Bibb County)
  • 29 year-old Craven Bradley II: Possession of firearm under 1st offender status
  • 28 year-old Larry Harris II: Violation of probation (Bibb County)
  • 22 year-old Darius Young: Warrants for battery and cruelty to children (Bibb County)