Melinda’s Garden Moments: Create an Inviting Entrance


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Create an Inviting Garden Entrance

Welcome your guests, mark the way, or just add a bit of extra beauty to the entrance to your garden. At Northwind Perennial Farm they did just that.

A pair of containers filled with Mandevilla, petunias, and sweet potato vines flank the entrance to a colorful garden. Visitors stop to view the containers and discover the beautiful gardens that lie ahead.

Arbors have long been used to mark an entrance or transition in a landscape. You can use an old gate as an arbor for a twist on the traditional approach.

Combine the two for a colorful welcome from the containers on the ground to the structure over head.

Use stone pillars to mark the beginning or end of a garden path.

And in one area at Northwind Perennial Farm we were invited to step into the garden and onto a path that seemed to disappear into a woodland garden.

A bit more information:

Include landscape lighting to brighten your entryways at night. Low voltage and solar lights can be used to guide visitors to your front door or outdoor living space. Use homemade or purchased luminaires, candles in mason jars and wine bottles, or votive candles in decorative glassware along walkways for parties and special events.

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