Local gym members increase fitness device, app usage


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – According to the Health Research Institute 1 in 5 Americans have a wearable fitness device. The study also adds, 1 in 10 wear their devices daily.

Middle Georgians at the Wellness Center, Navicent Health are buying into fitness apps and devices hoping to turn their health around.

Group Fitness Instructor Lisa Seneker suggests her members wear a device or try an app to see results, and daily progress.

“It’s working and it is the next greatest thing,” Seneker adds, “It’s really about bringing yourself to awareness, and where you are, and where you could and need to be.”

A walk through the fitness center, and you will find nearly 1 out of 4 people have some sort of fitness device to track their vitals, including heart rate and number of calories burned.

Seneker says awareness is the biggest difference between wearing and not wearing a fitness device.

“It tracks stairs. It tracks calories. It does a lot of stuff,” Seneker.

The group instructor, who owns four fitness trackers herself, believes even for a simple walk, devices and apps make a difference.

There are many options as well. The popular choices to track fitness are: Garmen, Fitbit, Polar, Leaf and Apple watches.

Seneker addressed recent lawsuits against Fitbit, the brand she buys into. She believes all technology-to some degree-can be faulty. She tells her members to look for accuracy, but realize the device is there to show a range.

“If I’m a hand talker…yes, I’m going to get more steps than someone who is not a hand talker.”

Thomas Wright Jr. simply enjoys tracking and monitoring his daily, weekly and monthly progress.

“Well, with my journey, it really helps me see which days I’m active and which days I’m not as active,” says Wright.

Even when he is pushing his limits, Wright is “checking it like every hour like, okay, I need to get more steps. I need to get up and get moving.”

“They’re all different prices. There’s ones that clip on. There’s ones that are very inexpensive,” says Seneker.

Each keeps track of your heart rate, sleep and calories burned-no matter the age, no matter the health journey.

“It’s not just for the older folk. It’s not just for 40’s. It’s not just for 30’s. Even 16 year-olds are asking for trackers.”

Seneker says if you are not ready to make a purchase on a fitness device, there are a lot of free apps to keep you moving. A few popular choices are: MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and Endomondo.

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