Middle Georgia Regional Airport trying to extend runway, attract new business


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Middle Georgia Regional Airport is trying to extend its main runway 1,500 feet.

41NBC’s Alexa Rodriguez has more on how that could impact the community.

Airports aren’t just for people to catch flights.

“There’s a lot that happens at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport. Our bread and butter is MRO which stands for maintenance, repair and overhaul,” explained Airport Manager Doug Faour.

The Macon airport wants to extend the already mile-long runway so larger planes can be serviced at the airport.

“With the industry changing and utilizing larger airplanes, they’re going to need longer runways. In order for Middle Georgia to continue to provide the economic output that we’re doing now, we need to change with the industry,” said Faour.

A longer runway means more jobs.

“We have had serious conversations with a number of entities that have expressed interest in being at the airport, especially if the runway is extended,” explained Faour.

Faour estimates the extension to cost about $25 million, but said in most cases, the county only pays about 2.5%.

“Most of the funding for the project would be through the FAA and a portion of it would be through the Georgia Department of Transportation,” said Faour.

The airport has already done a justification study for the project and is waiting on a response from the FAA.

If the justification study is approved, there are still several more steps to go through.

It could be three to five years before the runway extension is finished.

Faour said commercial service could return to the Middle Georgia Regional Airport within a year.