Amazon teams with Wells Fargo on student loans

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Amazon is teaming with bank Wells Fargo on student loans.

Amazon Prime student subscribers who apply for any of the bank’s education loan products and sign up for automatic monthly payments are eligible to have their interest rate lowered.

It’s official.

The US has sued to block two big health insurance mergers.

These are the 54 billion dollar deal between Anthem and Cigna and the 37 billion dollar deal between Aetna and Humana. The mergers, the Justice Department says, would leave just three major insurance companies and could lead to higher prices.

The companies say they are evaluating their options.

So long VHS!

The last known company to make VCR machines will stop production after this month. 

Ars Technica says Funai Electric will close down production in August.

The shrinking market and the difficulty in obtaining needed components were the reasons.

Facebook’s solar powered drone just hit a milestone.

The internet beaming drone just made its first successful flight.

The drone is part of Facebook’s ambitious plans to bring the web to regions in the world where internet connectivity is bad or non-existent.

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