Amazon increasing video content for the rest of the year

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Amazon plans to double down on its video content for the rest of the year as it goes to war against Netflix.

The company will triple the amount of Amazon’s original content, over the rest of the year.

Amazon made the announcement during its earnings where it posted record profit for the third straight quarter.

The days of flying through the air in a jumbo jet filled with hundreds of other travelers may someday be a thing of the past, as Boeing says it’s considering stopping production on its 747s.

Not as many orders have been coming in for the jumbo jets.

The day ahead for stocks could be one of the most interesting this year as all the world’s biggest economies will be in the spotlight with news coming out of Japan, Europe and growth in the United States.

And a Harvard study pinned down the lack of husband’s job as the top reason couples get divorced.

It found couples in which the husband doesn’t work full time are at heightened risk for divorce, even if the woman makes enough money to support them comfortably.

Target has sponsored an Indycar team for 27 years.

However, Target announced that it will end at the end of this season.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says it will continue to sponsor Nascar.

Target says it just wants to inject some newness into its sports marketing.

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