Middle Georgia Regional Airport welcomes new manager


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “Parking is free,” said airport passenger Chrissy Zdrakas. “Now that to me is a deal you can’t refuse.”

Zdrakas has flown out of the Middle Georgia Regional Airport quite a bit in the past.

There are a lot of advantages to flying at the airport.

“These people are so friendly and so nice this is Middle Georgia,” said Zdrakas. “This is a friendly place to be.”

It’s about to become even friendlier to businesses–that’s the plan for  new airport manager Erick D’Leon.

“I had a good stage set here,” said D’Leon.

The airport had already been doing better when the last manager left.

“I’m excited to carry on with that,” said D’Leon.

He’s working to get back to having flights to Atlanta, which hasn’t happened just yet.

“I can’t emphasize enough the beauty of flying from here to Atlanta to catch a flight out because it takes about 20 minutes,” said Zdrakas.

“We’re constantly looking at other carriers out there to try to find a match for our market,” said D’Leon. “Anything we can do as you heard from the public to try to build on what’s here.”

One of the key parts of the airport: the runway.

D’Leon says he’s been working to make it longer so bigger plans can take out.

“They have to have so much safety area–additional runway in case of any problem where they have to divert the takeoff and things that are built into their performance measurements so we want to make sure they have all of that,” said D’Leon.

A longer runway means bigger planes–which helps Middle Georgia.

“Bigger planes mean more jobs so if we can get more lines of maintenance here we’re happy to do it,” said D’Leon.

D’Leon says he will be meeting with the Georgia Department of Transportation in the next few weeks to discuss the runway extension.