Netflix massive boost in subscriptions

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There must have been a lot of binge watching going on over the summer.

Netflix says its shows like Stranger Things and Narcos helped it crush subscriber expectations.

The company also says it plans to grow more internationally.

Believe it not, there is already a wait for this 3-thousand dollar colored pencil set.

It’s sold at the museum of modern art’s store and the box is designed by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.

The Karl Box, as its known, sold out almost immediately and now there is a wait list.

Stocks were spooked and its not even Halloween yet.

Trifecta of market movers, oil prices were down, federal reserve official talking about interest rate increases and a number of corporate earnings.

The DOW lost 52 points.

The old talk about the birds and the bees is being replaced.

By the talk about money.

Chase and the university of Colorado study says 96 percent of Americans believe talking to kids about finance is important.
The study found millennials parents talked about money more and as a result, millennials began saving for retirement at age 23 on average.

Supermarkets are surviving in an age of delivered groceries in the old fashioned way.

People like to touch and squeeze produce.

The Wall Street Journal reports that online orders of groceries aren’t even close to catching on nationwide.

Consumers’ preference for picking out our own produce could be good news for grocery stores.

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