Crawford County Senior Center begins water damage repairs


ROBERTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A flood caused major damage to the Senior Center in Crawford County.

Repairs started this week.

It’s usually pretty quiet outside the Crawford County Senior Center.

“I put my key in the lock and I heard water,” said manager of the center Wendy Sears.

Sears heard it before she saw it.

“And the first thing I thought was oh my goodness,” said Sears. “So when I opened up the door the water came out to me, almost like you’re at the beach. And you know, the tide brings the water up to you.”

But there was no warm weather with this wave.

“It’s 19-something degrees outside,” said Sears.

That freezing temperature that day about three months ago caused a pipe to burst, flooding the senior center.

“Right here. It was shooting that way, it was shooting this way,” said Sears. “And the ceiling had fallen right here, and right here,” said Spears. “It nearly fell on the ground.”

The total cost to fix it is nearly $40,000–a bill the county commission will fortunately pay.

“This county is invested in their senior citizens,” said Tiffany Collins, who works with the Middle Georgia Community Action Agency. “That means everything because we’re all headed there,” said Collins. “These are our parents, these are our grandparents.”

She’s thankful for the support from taxpayers to replace the ceiling, redo the floor and repaint the walls.

“I take pride in what Crawford County is doing for its citizens and so should every citizen in Crawford County,” said Collins.

The seniors are thankful as well–they’ve been hanging out at the Peach County Senior Center during renovations.

“There is no place like home to those Crawford County Seniors, and there’s something very special to them about Crawford County and they very much take ownership in their senior center,” said Collins.

They hope to be back to fill home with the sounds of laughter instead of water.

“They very much want to come back home,” said Collins.

Collins says she hopes the center will be finished in the next couple of months.