Man arrested in Green Meadows Townhouses shooting


MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT) – Residents at the Green Meadows Townhouses in Macon are tired of the violence.

“There’s too much nonsense going on,” said a Green Meadows resident, who did not want to be named. “They do anything that they want to do and terrorize the neighborhood and it’s not cool for the children, it’s really not.”

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Early Friday morning, Bibb County deputies arrested 27-year-old Antwan Butts. Deputies say Butts went to Green Meadows Townhouses to continue an argument that started at another location.

“[Butts] apparently kicked the door in, went into the apartment, pointed the weapon at some occupants at the apartment,” said Lt. Randy Gonzalez of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. “The person he was looking for was not there at the time.”

As Butts left the apartment, he fired shots into the air. No one was injured. But neighbors are still worried, especially with children.

“My concern is that, bullets have no names on it,” said the unnamed resident. “If that would have came down and hit my child and she’s only one, I would have flipped my wig, like seriously though.”

She says the neighborhood isn’t safe and it’s been like that since she can remember.

“Kids can’t even ride their bikes throughout the day,” the resident said. “There’s so much shooting, so many things going on.”

Lt. Gonzalez says deputies have been called to Green Meadows before for similar shootings. He says deputies on patrol will be more vigilant in the area, especially after this one.

Butts is in jail with no bond. He is charged with three counts of aggravated assault.