Middle Georgia Regional Airport and Robins Air Logistics Complex seal new partnership


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Middle Georgia Regional Airport and Robins Air Logistics Complex sealed a new partnership on Wednesday. Now, both Brigadier General John Kubinec and Mayor Robert Reichert say the sky is the limit.

“It couldn’t be a better announcement,” said Mayor Reichert. An announcement securing a new joint future for Robins Air Force Base and the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

“I’m excited to be here today as we sign a memorandum of understanding with the Middle Georgia Regional airport, which really just solidifies an already great relationship we have with Middle Georgia,” said General Kubinec.

Signatures from he and Mayor Reichert sent smiles around the room. Mayor Reichert says it’ll be a benefit to both the local economy and nation’s safety.

“By looking, by signing this memorandum, we have agreed to look for ways to help one another that promotes national defense and it helps the local Middle Georgia economy,” he said.

Looking started with a tour of the airport grounds, identifying new ways to partner, and some already in place.

“I mentioned contour airline coming into Middle Georgia Regional Airport and a direct flight to washington DC and it needed to be a DOD certified airline,” said Mayor Reichert.

That certification is a requirement for air crafts carrying military personnel. “So we made the special effort because that’s a way that we can partner,” Reichert continued.

But Airport Manager Erick D’Leon says camaraderie is what Middle Georgia Regional Airport is all about.

“Airports bring people together, that’s what we do. We cross bridges, we get people to work together, we get people and family together–it’s just a natural place for two communities to come together and realize the future that’s ahead of us,” he said.

A busy future ahead and clear skies for new opportunity. General Kubinec says the agreement starts as soon as they sign the dotted line, which they did as of Wednesday morning.

Now, they’re on to brainstorming new possibilities for working together.