Macon-Bibb tax commissioner proposes option to tackle blight


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Macon-Bibb commissioners are voting Tuesday night to approve the funding to tear down blighted homes in a couple of areas. While their fight to get rid of these abandoned homes continues, there could be another option where taxpayers can help.

Macon-Bibb Tax Commissioner, Wade McCord, agrees that blighted homes in the community can be quite of an eyesore.

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“You can go into any neighborhood in Bibb county and you will see blighted property,” said McCord.

Most of the homes abandoned are often left owing property taxes.

“If it needs up-keeping, then it most likely, there’s taxes owed on it,” said McCord. “Most likely the house is in disrepair.”

McCord says some people don’t want to invest in the property because of this. But a proposal he presented to commissioners last week may help.

“People who may be interested in the property does not see that they would want to bid on the property the amount that’s owed for taxes, I will not sell it, because I didn’t get the true bid,” said McCord.

People often don’t want to buy blighted property where the taxes owed are really high. McCord has a solution for this.

“If I live at 123 ABC Street, and 125 ABC Street is dilapidated, no one’s concerned about it, no one claims it, a taxpayer can go, come out, bid on that property and then fix that property up to help the neighborhood out and make the neighborhood look better,” said McCord.

This still needs to be considered by commissioners before it even becomes an option for taxpayers.

“Hopefully, we can crack the code of that pride in that neighborhood and that home will sort of expand and start exploding, where people can say ‘ok, that house is blighted, I want to help do something about it,” said McCord.

This proposal would allow multiple people to take on the property taxes if they wanted to. McCord says this option won’t work with every blighted home, but it will make a difference in tackling blight.

It will be discussed at a special blight meeting next Tuesday.