Superintendent holds luncheon to honor people who’ve dedicated their time to Bibb County Schools


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) –  Bibb County Superintendent said the culture of Bibb County Schools has changed in the past two years.

Dr. Curtis Jones Jr., held a VIP, or victory in progress, luncheon today to show the community what progress schools have made over that time.

“We have a strategic plan that says in five years, we’re gonna better,” Jones said.

To reach that goal Bibb County Schools had to make changes these past two years.

One of the changes were cameras added to classrooms, so teachers can watch themselves. Another change was better technology for students.

“Students want to excited when they come to school. They want what they have at school to be better than what they have at home, so we have these interactive panels so students can get engage with technology,” he said.

Jones said community involvement has also helped the schools. People in the community were given awards for their efforts in volunteering their time to students.

Dominique Johnson won the VIP volunteer award. He said his church and nonprofit organization dedicate their time to schools in East Macon.

“We help by sending tutors in, try to do a little mentoring. We also help with the back to school event that all of East Macon does called Raider Fest,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes everyone should serve the community.

“I think to be great you have to serve, so I think it’s very important that we partner together with the board of education because as the old saying goes, children are the future,” he said.

Jones said the district hopes by 2020, the graduation rate will increase from about 72% to 80%.

“It’s gonna be a day by day process and so what we recognize is that day by day process becomes victory in progress.”

So the theme for Bibb County Schools is commitment to V-I-P.

There were two additional awards given to people.

Blake Sullivan received the Superintendent VIP Award and GEICO received the VIP Industry Award.