Warner Robins Police Department responds to rumors of animal cruelty


WARNER ROBINS (41NBC/WMGT) – Warner Robins Police Department is speaking out after rumors swirling via the internet surrounding practices of the city’s animal control division.

Many were outraged at what they felt was inhumane cruelty toward animals but Warner Robins Police Rep Jennifer Parson says she’s setting the record straight.

“We are animal lovers as well. We do not want to do euthanization but unfortunately it is one of those things that is unavoidable,” she said.

Rumors flew over the weekend after 61 animals were euthanized at the Warner Robins Animal Control facility.

“The numbers do seem like a lot and there were a few that were sick,” Parson explained.

A total of 22 dogs and 39 cats were put to sleep on Friday–sparking major concerns for residents and pet lovers.

“We are tasked with controlling the animal population in our city, and unfortunately euthanization is one of those things that we don’t want to have to do, but we have to because we don’t have the space for all the animals,” Parson said.

But many of the animals put down were ineligible for adoption–including 10 dogs classified as ‘vicious’ and 38 of 39 cats considered feral or ‘wild like’.

“When you get into a situation that’s almost an overcrowding situation you can’t quarantine the animals before illness spreads,” she added.

Parson says the lack of space available is only partially to blame for the high numbers put down.

“We could have a building that’s three times this size and we would still be at capacity, because there is such a need to house the animals and get them adopted. But I want people to know, we do everything in our power to get them adopted,” she said.

Parson says getting owners to claim their pets and encouraging community members to adopt rescued pets is always their first option. But, they try to keep animals for at least seven days before making that tough decision.

Warner Robins Animal Control officers picked up 17 cats and four dogs from a home on Little John Lane on Monday. The tenants and owners of those pets were evicted as of Sunday, but they left their animals behind.

Parson says they see their facility fill up during weekends and major holidays. With several major holidays coming up, they want to encourage people in the community who are animal lovers to adopt.