Artist paints mural on the Macon Transit Authority’s wall for his hometown


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Christopher Logan wanted to bring something new to the Macon Transit Authority (MTA) , that the community would appreciate.

“When people are actually able to see themselves or see people that they know involved in some piece of art work, it kind of elevates them in some sense. It makes them appreciate the area even more,” Logan said.

He said he took pictures of passengers and employees at MTA and then painted them on the wall.

He started his mural with MTA bus driver Darrell Lester.

“I was very excited about it myself. Like I said seeing me as the first individual on there is just like I’m leading the way for the Macon Transit Authority,” Lester said.

He said he’s heard passengers say they appreciate the mural.

“One day I was driving up and I heard passengers saying, ‘that’s what we need, okay Macon is finally doing something and that’s what we need,’ so you know it was a very nice experience not just for me but for the passengers,” Lester said.

If you look at Logan’s piece you may wonder why he didn’t paint people’s faces and he has a reason behind it.

“Well I wanted to normalize everybody. You know, basically normalize them by you not being able to see their faces,” Logan said. “But I still wanted to have individual characteristics, so you could still see something implemented on their clothing or something different.”

Logan’s mural is called Riders’ Flow. It’s 14 feet tall and 90 feet wide.

Logan said it took him a month to complete the mural, but every minute was worth it because the mural is for the community.

“I just figured I would come out here and utilize their bodies as part of the subject matter, so they would be the piece and it’s not so much about the artist hand,” he said. “You know, it’s about them being projected and me working along with their depictions. ”

Logan was able to create the mural thanks to a grant.

The Macon Arts Alliance received a grant by the Downtown Challenge of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. The Arts Alliance chose three artists to paint Macon Transit Authority’s wall.