Rebuilding Macon gets more than $180,000 from Macon-Bibb County Commissioners


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Helping people in the Macon community has always been Debra Rollins’ mission.

“As Executive Director it is the best part of my job to see the difference we make. We love to get the hugs from the little ole ladies when we leave the house,” Rollins said.

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Rollins is the Executive Director of Rebuilding Macon.The organization helps the elderly and disabled by fixing and rebuilding parts of their homes for free. They may fix a leaking roof, rebuild a kitchen, or give a house a new splash of color.

That’s why it was so important to Rebuilding Macon to apply again for the Community Development Block Grant.

“What we do is take this money and actually multiply it because with the work of our volunteers, we take that $182,000 and multiply it,” Rollins said.  It’ll do about a million dollars worth of fair market value improvements to homeowners in the Middle Georgia Macon area. ”

Rollins said repairing homes in the community helps everyone.

“Everyday we’re preventing homelessness. Everyday we’re preventing blight. What affects the work we do on one house affects everybody on the street because when one house goes empty or is in disrepair it affects everybody’s property value,” she said.

Rollins said Rebuilding Macon is able to help many people, thanks to its dedicated volunteers, like Adam Ford.

“I really enjoy giving back to the community. I like helping out these guys that I’m with and I enjoy learning a lot of new skills,” Ford said.

Rollins said the employees and volunteers make Rebuilding Macon special.

“They all work for a lot less than they could get in other jobs, so they’re underpaid but over compensated in the kindess of the people, the volunteers that we work with, as well as the homeowners,” she said.

An organization made up of people who love to help the community.